TV anchor has the last word after a viewer calls her the N-word

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An anchor from Atlanta is being praised for her response to a racist email from a viewer.

CBS anchor Sharon Reed showed the email, which repeatedly used the N-word, on air Tuesday night. The message, sent by a woman named Kathy Rae, criticized her for “race baiting” while covering the city’s mayoral elections.


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“You need to be fired for the race baiting comment you made tonight. it’s o.k. for blacks to discuss certain subjects but not whites, really???” the email read. “You are what I call a n****r not a black person. you are a racist n****r. you are what’s wrong with the world.”

Reed read the message out loud, then set the record straight. She explained that she believes discussions on race are important and that it’s an issue that had entered the mayor’s race.

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Speaking straight into the camera, Reed had another message for Rae: “I think when arguing with somebody, you have to be careful not to mischaracterize their viewpoint. So I won’t mischaracterize your view either, Kathy Rae. I get it.

“On Dec. 5, 2017, you think it’s OK to call this journalist a n****r,” she said. “I don’t, but I could clap back and say a few things to you. But instead, I’ll let your words, Kathy Rae, speak for themselves. And that will be the last word”

Reed also posted a screenshot of the email on her Facebook page, explaining that it wasn’t the first time she’s been called the N-word.

Reed’s powerful rebuke of the racist email was praised online.

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