Kensington Manor residents begin move-out of evacuated apartment complex

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Residents of Kensington Manor began moving their things out of their homes on Wednesday morning after being hastily forced out nearly two weeks ago.

The building was evacuated after the city along with structural engineers found it to be at risk of “possible imminent collapse” after an inspection on Nov. 23.

‘Possible imminent building collapse’ forces evacuation of 8-storey Kensington complex


According to a release from the City of Calgary, the Safety Response Unit approved the move-out process to get underway at 11:30 a.m., which is later than was scheduled, according to landlord Don Lowe.

Lowe said in an email Wednesday morning that the move-out was delayed by 5.5 hours.

“Endless delays [were] very disappointing as [we] were assured by the contractor yesterday that all was ready as plannedand scheduled,” Lowe said.

“[The] delay was due to city and our engineers. They are very strict and insisted that the contractor attend to outstanding issues.

“This is out of our control. This is for the residents safety.”

The re-entry window for residents is only temporary, from Dec. 6 to Dec. 13, and allows them to gather the belongings they weren’t able to take with them when the building was first evacuated.

Kensington Manor landlord calls building collapse notice ‘an absolute lie’

“The temporary re-entry was approved following the professional engineer’s review of shoring work completed onsite to ensure structural stability and integrity,” the city said in a release.

There is currently no timeline for when the building will be safe for residents to return permanently.

WATCH: After being forced from their apartments a week-and-a-half ago, with just minutes to pack whatever they could, residents from Kensington Manor will soon be able to grab the rest of their belongings. Lauren Pullen reports.

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