Halifax Fire remembers comrades lost in the Explosion

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A special ceremony was held on Wednesday to commemorate the nine firefighters who died during the Halifax Explosion in 1917.

Hundreds of firefighters, politicians and community members braved the elements outside Station 4 to show their respects to the men who lost their lives in what is still the single largest loss of life among firefighters in a single day in Canadian history.


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“As the new fire chief in Halifax, I’m so proud to be here to pay tribute to not only our fallen firefighters but to a city who has the ability to build itself and become one of the more vibrant communities in Canada,” said Halifax Fire & Emergency Chief Ken Stuebing.

On Dec. 6, 1917, Chief Edward Condon, Deputy Chief William Brunt, Capt. William Broderick and Capt. Michael Maltus, along with hosemen John Spruin, Walter Hennessey, Frank Killeen and John Duggan all died at or near the site of the explosion as they headed down to the fire at Pier 6.

Hoseman Frank Leahy died later as a result of his injuries.

The ceremony, held 100 years later, was an opportunity for their surviving family members to lay a wreath to honour their memory.

“The chief that died in the Explosion was my great, great-grandfather,” said Gerry Condon.

“I’ve never been more proud of an organization like the fire department than I was today; to see them all out there like they always do no matter the weather. The city should be proud.”

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The event was attended by members from a number of other fire departments including Boston, Truro and New Glasgow.

“It was an honour to come up here and represent Boston as a president of the Union and member of the Boston Fire Department,” said Rich Paris, president Boston Fire Fighters Local 718.

“100 years ago we helped out Halifax and I know today if something happened to us, Halifax would do the same thing.”

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