Alberta plates no longer allowed on Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure job sites

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On Wednesday, the province announced that vehicles displaying Alberta plates will no longer be allowed on job sites for Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure’s new projects.

“Saskatchewan contractors tell us that vehicles with Saskatchewan plates are not welcome on Government of Alberta job sites,” Highways and Infrastructure Minister and Minister responsible for SaskBuilds David Marit said.

“Saskatchewan operators feel forced to register their vehicles in Alberta if they want to do business there. Today’s announcement just levels the playing field.”

LISTEN: Alberta Roadbuilders CEO Ron Glen responds to Saskatchewan’s decision to ban Alberta license plates on job sites

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    The new restrictions were developed in response to industry feedback that Alberta’s practice has placed Saskatchewan suppliers at a competitive disadvantage. The restriction will apply only to new contracts awarded by the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure. Existing jobs will not be impacted.

    “We are very pleased to see government enacting changes that will level the playing field for our members,” Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association President Shantel Lipp said.

    “Saskatchewan heavy construction contractors have been one of the largest employers in the province in good years and in bad, creating major economic impacts and fiscal benefits for Saskatchewan. Our members invest in people, and machinery to construct our network of roads, railways, pipelines, dams and, in the past century, build mines and cities.”

    New contracts awarded by the ministry will require suppliers to ensure that no vehicles displaying Alberta license plates are present on ministry-funded work sites.

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